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Experience of the German and European markets

Löbbe Consulting is at home on the German energy market, supporting the growth of the industry with a wide range of projects for the development and implementation of strategies.
Our focus: All-encompassing corporate strategies, business portfolio optimization, alliances, control processes, change management, sustainability and energy efficiency.

Löbbe Consulting develops and implements strategies for the energy industry in a national and international context, working in the German, French and English languages.

Years of activity in Switzerland

Löbbe Consulting is familiar with the constraints of the Swiss market, having carried out a large number of reference projects over the last decades in Western and Eastern Switzerland for electricity suppliers and distributors, public utilities, retailers, service providers and associations. We are thus able to offer bespoke advice which takes the special needs and independent development of the Swiss energy market into account. A wide range of Swiss projects is listed in Topics and Projects .
We also work in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur.