what to measure us by
We look at the individual needs of the client, using an integrated approach to ensure long-term success

Löbbe Consulting offers effective advice which does justice to the complexity of the assignment and contributes to success in the long term. Our integrated approach is based on individual needs.

Individual - We don't just take patent remedies off the shelf

Löbbe Consulting listens to its clients, analyses the facts, the figures, the relations, the external environment and the assignment carefully and then draws up a suggestion based on the individual needs of the client and the given situation - we offer a solution based on reality.

A broad-based approach

We consider the development of a strategy, and the structure and culture of the company during the consulting process. Beyond that, we ensure that our solutions are compatible with the underlying development of the company, as the day-to-day business, other projects and important corporate decisions almost always have an effect on one another. As a result, we are able to recognize interdependencies, and together with the client, its management, employees and owners we adapt our project accordingly.